Friends Around the World

Now to move onto the second week of break! I landed in Stuttgart, Germany on Friday afternoon (April 18th) and Yannic (foreign exchange student that went to my high school!) met me at the airport. We then went Yannic’s town Korb, a 15 minute train ride from Stuttgart.  That evening we went to the vineyards around town, Yannic taught me how to drive stick (kinda :P), and to finish the night off we went to a fire with his friends, got rained on, then hung out at Barc’s place. It was a lovely way to start the second part of my spring break, Yannic’s dad had even made me Spätzle and Goulash! On Saturday morning we drove around the area then met up with Barc to go into Stuttgart. In Stuttgart we went around the city center, went to the Porsche museum (super cool, and I got to watch part of Cars in German :D), the guys also took me to get a kebab, and we then went to a market! The market was fabulous. We found my FAVORITE tea. Kusmi tea is seriously fantastic, I mean I currently have five boxes of it at my apartment (sorry dad! haha). But, if you like tea, its a must. Check out their website here! The guys were also able to get some great BBQ sauce. We may have sampled every flavor they had in picking out which sauce they should get….it was lovely. 🙂 That night we ended up going to this club in Stuttgart where Drunken Masters were performing! It was a lot of fun, I almost didn’t get into the club because I didn’t have my passport but the guys convinced the bouncer to let me in! 😛 I also made friends with people in the line while we were waiting because they thought it was great I was American! Easter Sunday Yannic made me a traditional German meal for Easter and we drank some Christmas tea because it just made sense. 😉 That day we went back into Stuttgart and walked around the football stadium and the festival that was happening then it was time for me to get on my train to Goeppingen. But before I get into that here are my photos from Stuttgart!

Sunday night I was picked up from the train station by our long time family friends Christa and Rolf. We went to a German restaurant along with Christa’s mom who is the woman who my father rented out an apartment from when he lived in Germany! 🙂 We also went for ice cream that night, it was great! Monday morning we went to the airport and picked up my parents!!! 😀 I am so blessed that they were able to come and visit! We drove around the Goeppingen area and went to a castle area and walked around then got some coffee. My dad was pretty much falling asleep all day, they had been up for over 24 hours! That evening Yannic and Barc took the train into town and took me to my very first handball game!! It was awesome!! Seriously, the US needs to start playing handball because it is a great sport! Tuesday we got up and went to Christa’s mom’s place with my parents so he could see the place again. She is the sweetest old lady ever. She easily won my heart! 🙂 I am so happy my dad had her while so far away from home and was young! After visiting her for a while we drove into a nearby town and walked around just enjoying the atmosphere! We had supper at a cute little restaurant that was hidden away. Wednesday we drove around where the old base was that my dad worked at, walked around the town, had some ice cream (dad was extremely happy with the ice cream (; ), and went out for supper with Christa, Rolf, and their son Daniel. Thursday morning we left for Switzerland and it also happened to be my parents anniversary! 😀 Yay! Here are the rest of the photos from Germany:

We got to Switzerland Thursday sometime around noon! We walked around Zurich after checking into our hotel! Going to Bahnofstrasse was the main thing that we did on Thursday. The street was packed and you wouldn’t believe all of the brand name stores that were on the street! Zurich is a beautiful city. I absolutely loved it! That night we went out to eat with my mom’s best friend (from when she lived in Zurich) and her family. We had a great time with them! Friday we walked around Zurich more just enjoying the city and then went to stay with Ruth and Pierro (my mom’s friend and husband). They picked us up and we went to their house (we had to take a ferry across the lake in the car and it was awesome!). That night Ruth and Pierro’s kids took me out with them! It was a great time, we didn’t get to bed until 5 in the morning! Easily the longest I have been out. Once I got back to the house we looked through some photos from Ruth and Pierro’s vacations (they heli-ski and the videos were great!) and then went to a neighboring town. It was beautiful, we walked around then ate at a Thai restaurant that was fantastic!! We went back to their place and just hung out until bedtime. Sunday morning we had to get up early and head back into Zurich for our train back to Vienna. Here are my photos from Zurich!

Well, I am still playing catch up with posting the last month so this is all for this one! Hopefully with two more posts I will be all caught up! 🙂 Also, in exactly a month I will be home! I am soo excited but yet amazed and sad with how fast the time went!!!!


2 thoughts on “Friends Around the World

  1. We’re blessed to have you as our daughter!!!!! We had an awesome time ! So very glad we could travel around with you. It was awesome seeing our European friends again!!!! Will your next post be about our week in Vienna with you? Again another wonderful post to read.Love and Hugs!!!!! Mom

  2. You really are getting good at this. Just love it and you. So much fun to see the pictures. Waiting for your London pics. Stay safe.

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