So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersein, Goodbye

Well it is finally here, the day that I go home to Minnesota!!!! I can’t even begin to describe all of the emotions I am feeling currently. I have been pretty bad at keeping up with this the last two months so sorry for that! But here is a little summary of what I have been up to!! 🙂 My parents spent the last week in April with me exploring Vienna, we got to see the Vienna Boys Choir and spend a lot of great time together! It was so wonderful to have them here and I am so blessed to call them my parents! After that, the very next weekend (the 2nd weekend in May) I went on a trip to Slovenia with my friends Abbie and Jackson. We spent time in Ljubljana (the capital city) and Lake Bled, honestly, this trip was by far one of my favorites!! Slovenia is so gorgeous and such an amazing country, we had a wonderful time there and go to experience such amazing things on that trip! Here are some of the photos I got from that trip:


After I got back from Slovenia the very next day Josh arrived! It was so great to see him and to be able to spend so much time together! We had a blast going around Vienna, out to eat, watching movies, and I also surprised him with a trip to London while he was here for our anniversary! London was absolutely amazing!! We got to meet my oldest brother, Rob, for some of our time there. We went to all of the main attractions, including this super awesome Speakeasy that was a truly unforgettable experience. Once we got back in Vienna, Josh only had a few days left in town with me so we went around seeing everything he had left to see and enjoying every moment together.  Josh left May 30th and I used that weekend to get caught up on my homework. That Tuesday my friend Abbie and I went to Salzburg to tour the city and take the Sound Of Music Tour. The tour was super awesome! I really just wanted to sing every song from the musical all day! I also ended up getting locked into a bathroom at a cafe and ended up having to break the door down and made our tour bus late for getting back into town 😛 It was quite the experience. That weekend ( June 6th-11th) I went back to England only this time, to spend time with my brother Rob and see where he lives now! We had a great time together, I am so lucky to have such amazing brothers, of whom I am so close to! Rob and I spent a lot of time hanging out, working out, and just going around his town and the surrounding ones! It was so sad to have to say goodbye to him but somehow I always manage to see him more than I thought I would each year!


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I got back from England the day before I had class and the day after class I flew to Rome to spend four days in the beautiful city! I went with my friend Jackson and three of his friends. We were able to see all of the staple pieces in Rome which were all breathtaking and amazing! I really enjoyed some of the less touristy neighborhoods where we found some AMAZING restaurants. We packed our short time there with seeing everything iconic about Rome, eating, walking through a flea market (where a vendor told me he had his masters in Science), and just trying to stay as dry as possible! I am hoping that one day I get to go back to Italy and see more of the country and more of Rome in general. I got back about a week and a half before going home so I was able to see Vienna one last time, hang out with friends and study for tests.  Abbie and I went to everything we could possibly think of that was still on our list before she left the next Wednesday! I had my final and two presentations on Thursday (June 28th) and I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that I am finally done with this semester!!!! 😀 WOO! I went rock climbing on Wednesday with my friend Addison (he is pretty much a pro!) and it was a great time! I was slightly terrified but I made it through it! I spent Saturday with my friend Molly the city one last time and went out to a music festival that night. I couldn’t have though of a better event to end my time here! Sunday I finished packing and getting everything together and hung out with friends. Now I am here, Monday morning, waiting to board my flight and I can’t believe it is over! The people I have met and the places I have seen are absolutely amazing and nothing can replace the experiences I have from this! I’m full of so many emotions as I wait to board this flight. So much excitement and so much sadness for having this entirely done with. I am so incredibly blessed and will forever hold all of this dear to my heart. Goodbye Vienna, see you later!


PS sorry for the lack of photos! I had to finish quickly so I could go to the bathroom before boarding my flight! haha


One thought on “So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersein, Goodbye

  1. Dad and I so enjoyed following your blog . What an amazing adventure! We are so very proud of you and the woman you have become! We are so excited to have you come home! Can hardly wait ! Love you mega bunches!

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