So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersein, Goodbye

Well it is finally here, the day that I go home to Minnesota!!!! I can’t even begin to describe all of the emotions I am feeling currently. I have been pretty bad at keeping up with this the last two months so sorry for that! But here is a little summary of what I have been up to!! πŸ™‚ My parents spent the last week in April with me exploring Vienna, we got to see the Vienna Boys Choir and spend a lot of great time together! It was so wonderful to have them here and I am so blessed to call them my parents! After that, the very next weekend (the 2nd weekend in May) I went on a trip to Slovenia with my friends Abbie and Jackson. We spent time in Ljubljana (the capital city) and Lake Bled, honestly, this trip was by far one of my favorites!! Slovenia is so gorgeous and such an amazing country, we had a wonderful time there and go to experience such amazing things on that trip! Here are some of the photos I got from that trip:


After I got back from Slovenia the very next day Josh arrived! It was so great to see him and to be able to spend so much time together! We had a blast going around Vienna, out to eat, watching movies, and I also surprised him with a trip to London while he was here for our anniversary! London was absolutely amazing!! We got to meet my oldest brother, Rob, for some of our time there. We went to all of the main attractions, including this super awesome Speakeasy that was a truly unforgettable experience. Once we got back in Vienna, Josh only had a few days left in town with me so we went around seeing everything he had left to see and enjoying every moment together.Β  Josh left May 30th and I used that weekend to get caught up on my homework. That Tuesday my friend Abbie and I went to Salzburg to tour the city and take the Sound Of Music Tour. The tour was super awesome! I really just wanted to sing every song from the musical all day! I also ended up getting locked into a bathroom at a cafe and ended up having to break the door down and made our tour bus late for getting back into town πŸ˜› It was quite the experience. That weekend ( June 6th-11th) I went back to England only this time, to spend time with my brother Rob and see where he lives now! We had a great time together, I am so lucky to have such amazing brothers, of whom I am so close to! Rob and I spent a lot of time hanging out, working out, and just going around his town and the surrounding ones! It was so sad to have to say goodbye to him but somehow I always manage to see him more than I thought I would each year!


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I got back from England the day before I had class and the day after class I flew to Rome to spend four days in the beautiful city! I went with my friend Jackson and three of his friends. We were able to see all of the staple pieces in Rome which were all breathtaking and amazing! I really enjoyed some of the less touristy neighborhoods where we found some AMAZING restaurants. We packed our short time there with seeing everything iconic about Rome, eating, walking through a flea market (where a vendor told me he had his masters in Science), and just trying to stay as dry as possible! I am hoping that one day I get to go back to Italy and see more of the country and more of Rome in general. I got back about a week and a half before going home so I was able to see Vienna one last time, hang out with friends and study for tests.Β  Abbie and I went to everything we could possibly think of that was still on our list before she left the next Wednesday! I had my final and two presentations on Thursday (June 28th) and I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that I am finally done with this semester!!!! πŸ˜€ WOO! I went rock climbing on Wednesday with my friend Addison (he is pretty much a pro!) and it was a great time! I was slightly terrified but I made it through it! I spent Saturday with my friend Molly the city one last time and went out to a music festival that night. I couldn’t have though of a better event to end my time here! Sunday I finished packing and getting everything together and hung out with friends. Now I am here, Monday morning, waiting to board my flight and I can’t believe it is over! The people I have met and the places I have seen are absolutely amazing and nothing can replace the experiences I have from this! I’m full of so many emotions as I wait to board this flight. So much excitement and so much sadness for having this entirely done with. I am so incredibly blessed and will forever hold all of this dear to my heart. Goodbye Vienna, see you later!


PS sorry for the lack of photos! I had to finish quickly so I could go to the bathroom before boarding my flight! haha


Friends Around the World

Now to move onto the second week of break! I landed in Stuttgart, Germany on Friday afternoon (April 18th) and Yannic (foreign exchange student that went to my high school!) met me at the airport. We then went Yannic’s town Korb, a 15 minute train ride from Stuttgart.Β  That evening we went to the vineyards around town, Yannic taught me how to drive stick (kinda :P), and to finish the night off we went to a fire with his friends, got rained on, then hung out at Barc’s place. It was a lovely way to start the second part of my spring break, Yannic’s dad had even made me SpΓ€tzle and Goulash! On Saturday morning we drove around the area then met up with Barc to go into Stuttgart. In Stuttgart we went around the city center, went to the Porsche museum (super cool, and I got to watch part of Cars in German :D), the guys also took me to get a kebab, and we then went to a market! The market was fabulous. We found my FAVORITE tea. Kusmi tea is seriously fantastic, I mean I currently have five boxes of it at my apartment (sorry dad! haha). But, if you like tea, its a must. Check out their website here! The guys were also able to get some great BBQ sauce. We may have sampled every flavor they had in picking out which sauce they should get….it was lovely. πŸ™‚ That night we ended up going to this club in Stuttgart where Drunken Masters were performing! It was a lot of fun, I almost didn’t get into the club because I didn’t have my passport but the guys convinced the bouncer to let me in! πŸ˜› I also made friends with people in the line while we were waiting because they thought it was great I was American! Easter Sunday Yannic made me a traditional German meal for Easter and we drank some Christmas tea because it just made sense. πŸ˜‰ That day we went back into Stuttgart and walked around the football stadium and the festival that was happening then it was time for me to get on my train to Goeppingen. But before I get into that here are my photos from Stuttgart!

Sunday night I was picked up from the train station by our long time family friends Christa and Rolf. We went to a German restaurant along with Christa’s mom who is the woman who my father rented out an apartment from when he lived in Germany! πŸ™‚ We also went for ice cream that night, it was great! Monday morning we went to the airport and picked up my parents!!! πŸ˜€ I am so blessed that they were able to come and visit! We drove around the Goeppingen area and went to a castle area and walked around then got some coffee. My dad was pretty much falling asleep all day, they had been up for over 24 hours! That evening Yannic and Barc took the train into town and took me to my very first handball game!! It was awesome!! Seriously, the US needs to start playing handball because it is a great sport! Tuesday we got up and went to Christa’s mom’s place with my parents so he could see the place again. She is the sweetest old lady ever. She easily won my heart! πŸ™‚ I am so happy my dad had her while so far away from home and was young! After visiting her for a while we drove into a nearby town and walked around just enjoying the atmosphere! We had supper at a cute little restaurant that was hidden away. Wednesday we drove around where the old base was that my dad worked at, walked around the town, had some ice cream (dad was extremely happy with the ice cream (; ), and went out for supper with Christa, Rolf, and their son Daniel. Thursday morning we left for Switzerland and it also happened to be my parents anniversary! πŸ˜€ Yay! Here are the rest of the photos from Germany:

We got to Switzerland Thursday sometime around noon! We walked around Zurich after checking into our hotel! Going to Bahnofstrasse was the main thing that we did on Thursday. The street was packed and you wouldn’t believe all of the brand name stores that were on the street! Zurich is a beautiful city. I absolutely loved it! That night we went out to eat with my mom’s best friend (from when she lived in Zurich) and her family. We had a great time with them! Friday we walked around Zurich more just enjoying the city and then went to stay with Ruth and Pierro (my mom’s friend and husband). They picked us up and we went to their house (we had to take a ferry across the lake in the car and it was awesome!). That night Ruth and Pierro’s kids took me out with them! It was a great time, we didn’t get to bed until 5 in the morning! Easily the longest I have been out. Once I got back to the house we looked through some photos from Ruth and Pierro’s vacations (they heli-ski and the videos were great!) and then went to a neighboring town. It was beautiful, we walked around then ate at a Thai restaurant that was fantastic!! We went back to their place and just hung out until bedtime. Sunday morning we had to get up early and head back into Zurich for our train back to Vienna. Here are my photos from Zurich!

Well, I am still playing catch up with posting the last month so this is all for this one! Hopefully with two more posts I will be all caught up! πŸ™‚ Also, in exactly a month I will be home! I am soo excited but yet amazed and sad with how fast the time went!!!!

Β‘Hola! -Barcelona, Granada, and Sevilla

I have some catching up to do! I decided to split up my Spring break post because too much happened in those two weeks to put it into one post. The first week of my break was spent in three different towns in Spain! My break started out on Sunday, April 13th with getting on a flight to Barcelona, Spain from Bratislava, Slovakia (a hour bus ride from Vienna).

I went to Spain with my friend Elvis, he pretty much navigated for me the entire time! πŸ™‚ The flight to Barcelona was only two hours and when we got to the airport we took a bus into the city center. We arrived into the city center sometime after 4:00 in the evening. Elvis and I walked around the city for the evening, it was ridiculously warm in Barcelona (like mid 70s). We then checking into our hostel and got rid of our bags, then finally went out for supper! We quickly immersed ourselves into the Spanish culture and are supper for maybe three hours! On Monday we woke up early and walked around the city some more. We saw the Cathedral designed by Gaudi and went to park GΓΌellΒ  also designed by Gaudi. They were absolutely beautiful! When we were at the park we saw this a street performer band that were super awesome! They were super energetic and there were these little kids that were dancing and attempting singing along with them that were adorable. Also the band members interacted with the kids which made it that much better! After visiting the park we went to the water and found a super great Italian restaurant for lunch where we found Alfredo sauce (the first time I have had Alfredo since being here). We then went to the beach and chilled for two hours, and yes, I got sun burnt. In the evening we wandered throughout the city and then had supper at a…..MEXICAN RESTAURANT. I kid you not, I was the happiest person ever when they brought our guacamole to the table! It was so yummy and I am so sad that this place isn’t right next door to me. We went to bed fairly early since we were leaving extremely early for the airport. Here is a look at Barcelona:

Tuesday morning we left very early for our hour flight to Granada, Spain. We arrived to Granada around 10:00 and found a cafe for breakfast which consisted of churros dipped in chocolate. It was actually quite amazing, not nutritious, but tasty. Before going on with our day we dropped our bags off at our hostel and talked to the guy working about things to do in the area. We decided to go hiking in a neighboring town called, Monachil, it was seriously so great! The view we had was amazing and the hike wasn’t difficult but a lot of fun! After taking the bus back to Granada we saw a huge crowd gathered on the sidewalk so we joinedΒ  them in the waiting to see what was happening! It took like a half hour and then we finally could see some people walking towards us and hear some music playing. When we first saw the people it was really strange, as their outfits resembled the KKK and they had huge candles that were dripping wax everywhere (which some kids were collecting into a wax ball). There was also a huge float in the parade of Jesus with his cross. We then figured out that it was an Easter parade, and we later learned that this is something that happens in Spain during holy week that is huge and very well known. For the evening we went to get tapas. Granada was the BEST place for tapas because they do this thing where when you order a drink you get free tapas so Elvis and I “tapas hopped.” That day was filled with so much emotion, being in such a beautiful place, while also finding out about someone I love dearly being heart broken. I was exhausted, so on Wednesday morning, Elvis was an amazing travel buddy and got up around five in the morning to go stand in line to get tickets to see the Alhambra. He then came back to the hostel (where I had just woken up) and then we made the hike back to the Alhambra and toured the grounds and buildings. It was amazing, the architecture of this palace was stunning! I have so much admiration for the people who carved all of the walls! Once we were finished at the Alhambra we just had time for lunch and to head over to the bus station to get our bus to Sevilla (aka Seville). Before I go into what we did in Sevilla below are my photos from the beautiful two days in Granada.

When we got to Sevilla it was beautiful outside so we walked arouonnd a little before going to find our Airbnb (Awesome website! Check out what it is if you don’t know already.Β  It will make your travels so much better.) When we were on our way to our place for the night we ran into another Easter parade, I can’t even begin to describe the amount of people that were on the streets. It was incredible! Seriously, I absolutely LOVE seeing how another culture celebrates holidays and just how important it is in their lives. Due to some horrible and very shocking circumstances Nick and Robbie (my older brothers) joined us in Sevilla that evening. Even though it was a rough time, it was absolutely wonderful to have all of us kids together again. They are two of the most important people in my life and I love them dearly. I am a lucky little sister.

That night, once we were all together, we went out to a restaurant to eat some tapas for supper. We were all starving, and with Robbie having more knowledge in Spanish we had him order us like six different tapas and all were fantastic! The parade was also still happening so Rob and Nick got the chance to see the celebration. By the time we got done eating it was pretty late so we all went to bed for the night and planned to meet up again in the morning. Thursday morning Elvis and I brought all of our stuff to Nick and Rob’s hotel room (we stayed there for the last night). We then found a place for breakfast and coffee, we had toast and olive oil (apparently a tradition in Spain). After breakfast we went to the palace in Sevilla that resembles the Alhambra. It was gorgeous! We also had so much fun there! There was a maze we went through and my brothers and I acted like we were kids again, but it really was such a perfect time and a moment that I will remember forever. After the palace we walked around and found a place for a light lunch, when we finished we pretty much just walked around until we found the next place. The place we found was a hidden flamenco dancing bar! The woman dancing was super amazing and it was a really cool atmosphere. All of the photos I got in Sevilla are here, there are a ton! It was so gorgeous!

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After that we started heading back to the hotel andΒ  lost Nick for a brief moment of time but then found him at the hotel! When we got back to the room (also where we found Nick) he showed us the legs of the cockroach he just killed on the wall!! Easy to say I was terrified. I may have been a five year old and slept in between my older brothers for the night ( I’m lucky they love me). The next morning I said goodbye to Elvis and us siblings took a taxi to the airport. I was going to get on my flight to Stuttgart, Germany and Nick and Rob were getting a car to drive to Granada, Spain. I had an amazing first week of break, Spain is absolutely fabulous and I recommend it to everyone! It is beautiful and the culture is fantastic. πŸ™‚ I will write about my week in Germany and Switzerland in the next post. Also, just another note, I have been swamped these last few weeks so I apologize for the many grammar errors. πŸ™‚

Beauty is Everywhere.

Well first things first….A HUGE CONGRATS TO ALICIA AND JEREMY WILCOX!!! They just welcomed a new baby boy (Kaden) into the world, literally like two hours ago. I can’t even begin to express how happy I am for them and how blessed I am to have such an amazing family in my life. I love them and their kids so much. They bring me so much happiness and joy. πŸ™‚ The title of this post is Beauty is Everywhere because I have been surrounded by beauty the last two weeks constantly! The beauty in the baby boy that I can’t wait to meet, the beauty in traveling to a landscape that is indescribable, the beauty in having meaningful conversations with friends, and the beauty of feeling so close to home while being so far away.

I can’t believe my spring break is two days away! It feels like I just got here. Well, I suppose it is time I share what has happened the past two weeks now. Last week (so Monday-Wednesday) I had very chill days that were spent getting to bed early and trying to wake up by 8, if not earlier (I really love mornings and get mad with myself when I sleep in). During these days I planned my trip to Spain for my Easter break, worked on my homework, skyped my family and Josh, and got amazing ice cream with my friends at a place down the street! Thursday I had my final test for my European Law and Economics class, so the morning was spent studying as much as possible. I took the test (and passed the class!), and afterwards I went out to eat at Naschmarkt (the famous market in Vienna) with a group of my friends. I also finished the puzzle I was working on for like a week! Tah Dah!


Friday morning I met Abbie at the train station packed and ready to go to Hallstatt, Austria. We had about a four hour train ride (we talked almost the entire time πŸ˜› or read our books!) and arrived in Hallstatt around 1ish. IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE.Β  Seriously, it was absolutely gorgeous. It is a small town pretty much perched on the side of a mountain and on the edge of a decently sized lake. To get to the town from the train station we took a ferry into the town. We walked around the town and then decided we could walk to the B&B we were staying at. The B&B was in a town that was on the other side of the lake so we ended up walking for like a hour and a half. But it was beautiful out and totally worth it! Once we made it into the town we attempted to find the B&B (it turned out the bridge we needed to take was out) but then out of nowhere this woman and her daughter walked up to us and it turns out she is the owner of the B&B! Haha, it was great! She walked us to the place and we settled into our room. We were ready for supper once we arrived so we decided to take a hiking trail down to the lake, there was only one restaurant open in the town at the time because it wasn’t the busy season but it turned out to be very good. Abbie and I then had some fun taking photos on a dock then made the trip back to our B&B. We watched Passion together since Easter is coming up and then went to bed. Saturday we got up early, had a fabulous breakfast in the B&B, then caught a bus back into Hallstatt. Once in Hallstatt we did some shopping (I found some amazing souvenirs for people), went for another hike, and we had a lot of food as well as some wine. The lake was also filled with Swans!!! It was amazing. We then got on a train and headed back home, we arrived in Vienna around ten at night so I unpacked and just went to bed. Here are the photos I took in Hallstatt:


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Sunday was another amazing day! Abbie and I went to see Swan Lake at the opera house in Vienna (it is however, a ballet)! I know I have said on other posts that I was going but it never worked out until now! We got 4 euro standing tickets and the dancers were wonderful. The other people in the standing area though were a little snobby and stuck up…there was also a huge argument between an older gentleman and a younger man right in front of us that was slightly terrifying. Monday I met up with Abbie again, and we did some shopping before our trips next week (I needed some clothes for warmer weather in Spain) and then we had lunch on top of a mall out on a terrace at a Japanese place. The food was amazing but they only gave us chopsticks to eat it with and me being a left-hander who can’t even hold my pencil correctly had the most difficult time eating with them. I think everyone in the restaurant had a joyous time watching me attempt to scoop up my chicken and rice for 40 minutes.Β  We had a great time though, it was another beautiful day in Vienna. On Tuesday I went out to lunch with my friend Carli to an awesome Italian place! It was great, then later in the evening we hung out again and met up with some friends at Travel Shack (a bar two blocks away from our place). We had a super fun night!! Abbie’s twin sister Chelsie is visiting Vienna this week so on Wednesday I went out to the market with them and had a really great meal. That night I worked on a group project that I had to present on Thursday in my class. Thursday morning was spent on finishing up my presentation and that afternoon I went to class, gave the presentation, and then registered for my fall classes during my class! It feels so great to be registered for next fall, it is making me super excited to see everyone back home! That night my friend Carli came over for supper and we talked about life and had a good time. πŸ™‚ Today I went to the school and printed my boarding passes for next week, then went to the Easter market which was super adorable and awesome, and I just got back from Starbucks where I was working on this post! πŸ™‚ Another quick note, GO GOPHERS!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ U of M pride! Ski U Mah!


The best thing today was receiving the message from Jeremy that Kaden was born! To add to the awesome day, I will be able to watch my old high school’s musical (Les Mis) through google hangout thanks to some awesome people! I know the performance will be absolutely amazing! Well, my next post might not be until Easter break is done. I can’t wait to go to Spain, and then to Germany where I will get to meet up with my parents! πŸ˜€ The travels coming up will be amazing experiences and I am so excited to share everything that happens on this break!!


5 Things I’ve Learned from Studying Abroad…

So I just got home from going out to church and to a grocery store that is actually open (nothing is open here on Sundays). As I was sitting on my bed just resting, I realized that I am becoming a different person here and have learned so much from this experience already and it isn’t even halfway done with. I decided that it would be good for me to make a list of the top things I have learned while here that I think have changed the way I look at life.

Here is my list of what I have learned so far:

1.) It doesn’t take much to get the travel bug, and when you have it there is no way to get rid of it.Β  Not even by going to a ton of different places. Seriously, I have been to four different countries since I have been here and I just want to keep going. My list of places I need to see keeps getting longer and longer. I am even planning places I want to go when I get back into the US. Not only that, but when I graduate I want to take a year and just backpack around the world. (The ultimate dream!!) I have realize from my traveling here just how many places there are to see in the United States and looking at the ease of traveling from one state to a next back home is amazing. I am already planning some road trips for the summer. My love for the diversity of land in our country has become so great from being here. Have you ever thought about it?? We literally have the opportunity to see almost every different type of geographical area possible.

2.) The dependency we have on accessibility to the internet is insane. When I travel to another country the only function on my phone that works is calling, texting, and the ability to take photos. At first this terrified me, the thought of me being in another country without being able to Google Map my next location or just Googling any questions that I happened to have in that exact moment was unreal. But, I have now come to the realization that traveling without knowing all of these things, or being distracted by social media during the day is absolutely amazing. Being free of all of those things allows a person to truly enjoy that moment in life and actually be in the vacation/trip. Even just by not having WIFI in my apartment I have realized this. When I first got here I was doing everything I could to get WIFI in my apartment, and then out of no where I became disgusted with the fact that I felt that it was such a dire thing. Seriously, if you don’t think you can live without WIFI for five months you need to re-evaluate some things. My RJ45 Cord and I are very happy together.

3.) My generation is extremely lucky for the technology we are living with. Really think about Skype for a moment, it essentially allows someone to be with a person that is across an ocean from you. When I am Skyping my parents I think about when my Dad was stationed in Germany for two years. He left home when he was 18 and was gone for over two years and in that time he called home once. CALLED HOME ONCE. Other than that the only way he could communicate with his family was through letters. We are so lucky we can travel abroad and have the ability to still talk and see the people we love most every day if we want to. Facebook even allows us to stay close to people we haven’t seen or talked to for who knows how long. For some people we can see their photos, whether or not they are in a relationship, where they are living, and where they work in just a single click. Yes, in some ways this isn’t good, but for those days when you are missing home they make all the difference.

4.) People are generally nice, no matter where you are. Before I left home I had so many people telling me how safe and cautious I needed to be. These things are necessary, however, we focus on those so much and let them consume our minds when we travel that some people have a constant fear going on in their minds on their trips. It is ridiculous, I don’t care who you are, I can guarantee that a majority of the people you meet are genuinely nice. Granted if you are out and about at night in the few places that are recommended to stay away from you might not be so safe. But I believe a person often inserts themselves into the situations where you need to worry and fear for your safety. How is mankind supposed to be loving, caring, and trusting when everyone thinks the opposite.

5.) Living on your own is one of the best ways to discover yourself. I was nervous about the fact that I was living in an apartment on my own. When I got here it was definitely and adjustment but now that I have been here for two months I am realizing just how amazing it really is. I have NEVER had this much time for myself ever (thanks to the strange class schedules they have here I get a lot of six day weekends). I have been able to cross so many books and TV shows off of my list, find the time to keep a journal, get the sleep my body needs, work out almost every day, and learn to sufficiently cook for myself. I now understand just how much “me” time I need to essentially have no stress that isn’t necessary. It is a wonderful feeling. Also the feeling of being completely independent is another great thing, everything is done on my own. After my crazy super busy semester before studying abroad it’s just what I needed to get back in touch with myself and to reach goals that I have had set for such a long time.


I can’t believe it has been almost two weeks since I last updated everyone on what I have been doing. It is also unbelievable that in just two weeks I will also be on my Easter Break (which happens to be two weeks long! πŸ˜€ But I left of two Sudays ago (the 16th) so now I will fill you in on the following Monday-Wednesday, or the 17th-19th. Those three days mainly consisted of me relaxing, sleeping, completely getting over being sick, watching Netflix, finishing my paper, and last but not least I set up a puzzle (I am still working on it but with my next post I will share a picture of the finished product). On Thursday I went to a park near the river with my friend Sebastian, it was a gorgeous day out (in the 70s), before our classes that evening. Later that day we had class from 4-8:30. Once class was finished I went home and finished packing everything for my flight to Paris the next morning! Friday morning started early for me, like 6:00 a.m. early. I got to my gate at the airport so quickly it was ridiculous! My flight was great, I had one stop in Zurich that was about a hour but I landed in Paris around 2:00. I made my way to my cousin, Michelle’s house andΒ  got there around 4ish. I hadn’t seen Michell in like 10 years! I finally got to meet her family, which includes, her husband John, and their two kids Eleanor (8) and Wesley (6). Friday night was spent with me baking cupcakes with Ellie (it was her birthday! and I enjoyed seeing and using an oven again more that you know), eating supper, then Michelle and I going through a bunch of family photos into the night. Saturday morning Michelle, the kids, and I went to a farmers market and bought a bunch of groceries! It started pouring rain on us so thankfully John came and picked us up in the car. Afterwards they drove me throughout Paris so I was able to see the main things in an easy way. We then stopped at a little French restaurant that had these crepes made out of buckwheat that were absolutely amazing!! Afterward we had Ellie’s birthday party, so while that was taking place I walked to the Arc de Triomphe and got to enjoy the lovely day while seeing some beautiful things!

Once we got back from Ellie’s party I did some homework before we had supper. Michelle was such a sweetheart and every meal I ate at their house was absolutely amazing. Seriously, I was so spoiled with her food. The kids also showed me around the park they play at after school that is right next to their house. They of course were great tour guides and impressed me greatly with their knowledge of the history of the park (I think they will be smarter than myself in just a few years). Sunday morning we had french toast (SOO fantastic!), then when John and Michelle took the kids to Chinese School, and I walked to the La Chaise Cemetery which was absolutely amazing. Seriously the memorials were stunning, I was also able to see Edith Pief’s grave as well as Chopin’s grave. Oscar Wilde was also buried there and James Morrison but finding the specific memorials was strenuous! Once the kids were done with Chinese school we went out to eat at a really awesome Thai restaurant, then we went to a flea market that had tons ofΒ  great antiques. Here are my photos from these adventures:

Once we got back on Sunday we just had a chill evening that involved another great supper that was Mexican food (something I have been deprived of here), then I helped get the kids to sleep through cuddles and some reading. Seriously they were adorable and made me feel so loved. It was great to be with an actual family to for almost a week after only spending time with college students (we tend to be in our own world I have discovered). Monday morning I took the kids to school then Michelle did some work while I worked on some of my homework. We took the kids out of school early because they had an interview at a different school that they are considering for next year. Before the interview we went out for lunch at this place that had the best falafel that I have EVER had. Not evening kidding, it was so fresh and fabulously put together. Michelle was telling me how usually the line to this place is crazy long. After lunch we stumbled upon a Kusmi shop! Kusmi is a tea that is very well known in Paris, my mom and I discovered it during our first stay in Pairs, and I absolutely love it so of course I got some! While the kids were at their interview I spent my time in the beautiful and wonderful Monceau Park. I got to continue reading my book and was able to take a bunch of photos as you can see here.


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That night I took the kids out rollerblading at the park and then helped Ellie make a belt craft that she had gotten. Afterward Wesley read to me some Winnie the Pooh. πŸ™‚ Once the kids were in bed Michelle showed me their photos from their recent travels! Tuesday morning it was time for me to leave, Wesley was so sweet and asked if we could cancel my flight. Michelle and I took the kids to school then got a coffee before I took off for the airport. Before my flight I found a spot in the airport that sold macaroons so of course I bought some πŸ™‚ I need to learn how to make those this summer. My flight back was nonstop and was good. I got back into Vienna and immediately went and got groceries then Abbie came over and we made a fabulous supper then watched the documentary Blackfish, which is seriously one of the best documentaries one can watch. I also finished my book finally which was super good, I highly recommend it. It was calledΒ A House in the Sky, it is a bout a women from Canada who was kidnapped in Somalia and held for almost a year. This last Wednesday I had a lazy day where I got all caught up on my homework, washed my clothes, and worked on my puzzle for like three hours. Thursday morning Abbie and I went to the Naschmarkt and got some awesome lunch as well as some groceries. Then I had class from 2:30-6:00, a group meeting, then I went home to go to bed. This morning was another early one as I started class at 9:00 and I will be here till 4:30 but, I am going to Swan Lake finally tonight (it didn’t work out last week!). I however did get to write this entire post during my class. πŸ™‚

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Also, just another thought, I am thinking I am going to post more on the blog, sometimes just random things I feel like sharing or that people would like to see. Let me know what your opinions are or if there is something you think I could do to make this better. Thanks πŸ™‚

A Little More!

I just had to share this song because I am currently listening to it on repeat while working on homework before going out tonight. Eric Hutchinson is my absolutely, hands down, favorite artist ever! I love every song he has out and can’t wait for the rest of this album, Pure Fiction. Just wanted to share a little piece of happiness. πŸ™‚