Banana Pancakes and Laziness

I didn’t realize how long it had been since my last post! I will start by filling you in on the end of last week. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (the 6th-8th) I had class each day for five hours and when I wasn’t in class I was working on a group project for the class. Saturday was our last class for this subject and my group did our presentation and I took a test that day. I am very glad to say they all went very well ๐Ÿ™‚ One weird thing my group realized (which consisted of my five friends from Canada and me) is that level of expectation for class presentations is nothing near to our home universities expectations. This however, was to our advantage because the professor loved our presentation! ๐Ÿ™‚ Once I finished the class on Saturday I did nothing for the night and for the entire day Sunday due to the fact that I have a sinus infection. I just have a cough, am super sleepy, and the weirdest thing was that my left ear got completely plugged, like to the point where I can barely hear out of it (it still is plugged). I did get the chance to talk to my oldest brother, Robbie on Saturday though and that was nice! We were able to complain about the Mexican food selection in the grocery stores here together. ๐Ÿ˜›

On Monday, I had a lazy day once again only this time my friend Abbie came over that evening and we watched the movie About Time (adorable). Tuesday morning I finally got out of the house and went on one of Vienna’s popular hiking trails with a group of friends. The path we took was really pretty and brought us up a mountain on the outskirts of Vienna so when we got to the top we could see the entire city. It was kinda cloudy though so my pictures aren’t amazing but here are a few so you get an idea of what it looked like!

Wednesday, I slept in super late due to being sick and later in the day I met up with Abbie to go out for supper. We went to an Italian restaurant, Margareta, that was super cute and had tons of great looking pasta! For some dumb reason I decided to order a salad and just picked one from the menu. HORRIBLE decision. It turns out I ordered “Rucola” salad with is known for its ridiculously strong taste. All that was in my bowl was those leaves with some Parmesan. I did my best to almost finish the entire bowl but every bite was a struggle! haha, I am sure my face looked great with each bite! Just so everyone knows the picture below is what the salad looked like, I recommend not eating a full bowl of it.ย  Abbie and I ordered Profiteroles for dessert (Thank you to my brother, Nick, for introducing me to these) and they were amazing! Totally made up for the nasty salad.


My Thursday was spent in a class, called IS Project Management, for three hours in the afternoon. The class wasn’t too bad, it is really small, but our professor seems nice. So now I have officially started my second class abroad. Afterward I went to a friends place and hung out with a group of people. I ended up leaving pretty early because my ear was killing me and throughout me being sick this entire time I had ran out of cold pills and was waiting to receive a package from my mom that contained antibiotics my doctor so kindly got for me! I started looking for it on Tuesday because it usually takes about a week and by the time it got here Friday night I was thrilled! (my mom also had a bunch of awesome things in the package along with enough cold pills for an army.)

Friday, during the day, Abbie and I went to a shopping mall on the outside edge of Vienna. It was a great time, we both were so excited with our purchases and how cheap we got some clothing for it was like Christmas had happened! I was able to get some good hiking boots, which has been on my list for a while now. We also found a Cinnabon there and got a taste of home which was fabulous. I also found a store with Macaroons and bought six of them. ๐Ÿ™‚ haha, they are amazing and I crave them all of the time!! The lady helping us was a sweetheart and gave us two for free so we had those right away. When we finally got back to my place (after running around to get my beloved package), we watched the movie Frozen, as well as some New Girl, and went through all of our purchases from the day. I was so excited about the macaroons that I took a picture, so here they are ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_5973 IMG_5977

Yesterday (Saturday) was my day where I wasn’t going anywhere so I took advantage of the time and started a paper that is due next Saturday. I am happy to say that I am over halfway done with it and I was also able to go through notes for my other class. I also got to skype my parents and Josh which was great! For some reason I forgot about eating though so I ended up making supper at 11 at night. My supper though, was pancakes (made from a banana and two eggs), I put some nutella on them and they were actually really good! I used the website My Fridge Food, where you put in all of the ingredients you have and it gives you different recipes you can do. All I had to do to make the pancakes was mash the banana, add two eggs, mix, then fry. Simplest thing ever. I think that website has become my new favorite thing! ๐Ÿ™‚

Today has been another lazy day but I was able to clean my entire flat and I finally watched The Godfather for the first time. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Once I cleaned my room I had the realization that I hadn’t posted pictures of it yet, so here is my lovely home for my stay in Vienna.

Now I am going to hopefully go to bed early tonight. I have big plans for this week! I am going out to an Irish pub for St. Patty’s day tomorrow, then to see Swan Lake (the ballet) on Tuesday with some friends, and I just booked a plane ticket to Paris for Friday. I have a cousin who lives in Paris with her family, and she, so kindly, invited me to come stay with them for five days! I probably won’t get to doing another post for a little over a week. Oh, also, I am starting to feel better finally. So I have good feelings for this new week! Good night!


Three Cities, Countless Memories

With every blog post I write I am amazed with how many things I feel the need to share even though only a week has gone by. I will start out by telling you about my trip to Fรผssen, Germany. Last Wednesday morning I took a train from Vienna to Fรผssen, Germany, I met up with three of my friends from Canada once I arrived and then we had a chill night walking around the town. My train ride there though was essentially a postcard the entire way! It was unbelievable. I loved it! On Thursday we went and toured the Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles. The views were breathtaking! Another spot where I felt like I was in a postcard! There is a bridge you can walk to that has a great view and while we were there a guy from the local newspaper asked about us and how we were enjoying out stay. So we might be in a German newspaper! Although, I am pretty sure he spelt my name Bonny…so there is that. haha ๐Ÿ™‚ Here are my photos from Fรผssen.

On Friday morning I got onto a bus to go to Garmisch, Germany. The bus took me straight through the mountains which was really a lovely experience. Once in Garmisch I was on my own and took it easy that day roaming around the gorgeous city and eating tons of different amazing food. I plan on going back to Garmisch during my stay here so I didn’t get a lot of photos but below are the ones that I got to take! The Bavarian tradition is to have murals painted on the buildings so here is a little taste of that as well as a picture from my train ride! ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh! And the last photo of this group below is the hotel I stayed at in Garmisch, Atlas Post Hotel.

IMG_5816 IMG_5838 IMG_5829 IMG_5830 IMG_5834 IMG_5825

Saturday morning I met up with other friends in Innsbruck, Austria. Which is yet another gorgeous town! The first thing we did was take the Nordpark Cable Railway to the top of a mountain and then we climbed to the peak which only took about 20 minutes but those 20 minutes were absolutely awesome!! The next day, so Sunday, we went to the Tyrolean Folk Art museum which was really interesting and kinda strange. After that we went to Swarovski World which was also a really awesome museum type of place. I was able to get some amazing pictures in Innsbruck. The city proved to be quite wonderful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I got back to Vienna Sunday night and spent Monday relaxing. Tuesday I had my first day of class and I ended up being late due to some problems with the subways (I still don’t know what happened, all I know is that I waited for 30 minutes for the subway before it came and it usually comes every 4 or 5 minutes!) but luckily my professor was very kind and understanding. Today (Wednesday), I had the same class again for 5 hours! I also unfortunately have caught a nasty cold. However, I am going to bed early tonight and will be able to get some rest before my next five hour class session tomorrow! I also have been able to finish two more books since my last post. (Ender’s Game and Gone Girl) Well I just took some cold meds so it is my bedtime! โค

A New Deck of Cards & Pretty Things

It has only been a short time but I have been to another country and back in that time and by tomorrow this time I will be in another country! I left off on my last post last Wednesday so it is time to fill you in on Thursday’s activities. My orientation group went to the Schรถbrunn Palace, toured the building (where photos weren’t allowed), and then we were allowed to walk all around the grounds which are absolutely gorgeous! The photos from the palace are below.

IMG_5479 IMG_5485 IMG_5487 IMG_5494 IMG_5499 IMG_5503 IMG_5507

On Friday my orientation group went and toured the Rathaus (city hall) which also had breathtaking views. However, I have discovered that I have a slight obsession with chandeliers so here is a gallery of beautiful chandeliers in the Rathaus.

After the city hall tour I packed my bag (which is a lovely hiking backpack I got from my awesome siblings for Christmas) for the weekend and watched a very depressing hockey game with a bunch of Canadians. Saturday I left my apartment at 6 in the morning to go to the airport and catch a bus to Budapest, Hungary with 11 friends of mine for the weekend. When we arrived in Budapest we got to our hostel (called Wombat’s) which was actually super awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚ Great find! If anyone is traveling around Europe see if there is one in your destination (they have multiple locations). After we dropped off our luggage we walked around Budapest until a free tour of the city that was available to us. The tour brought us all over the city and allowed us to see all of the main attractions. We also had this amazing desert called a chimney cake which was a tower of hallowed out cake and we all got different flavors then shared so we all could have a bite. I plan on figuring out how to make these once I get home. Saturday night we went to some different ruins bars that were really awesome and then to this bath party (one of the biggest things we were told to do in Budapest) and it is easy to say I am pretty sure no one wants to do it again…it was pretty disgusting. I will label the photos in the gallery below with what I remember the names of.

On Sunday we went to the House of Terror museum which was a museum about the communists that called the building their headquarters. It was very sad and interesting to learn about all of the history there. We ended our trip by going back to St Stephenโ€™s Basilica and seeing the inside which proved to be absolutely wonderful.

IMG_5685 IMG_5691 IMG_5692 IMG_5693 IMG_5698edit IMG_5701

I have decided that with each country I go to I am going to buy a deck of cards ๐Ÿ™‚ This way I can get something I will actually use from each country and it will serve as a good reminder of my trips whenever I play cards (which is more than you think). We got back late Sunday night and since then I have stayed at my apartment pretty much just taking two resting days. Now I must go to bed because I am getting up in four hours so that I can catch my train to Germany, I will be gone until Sunday evening and will have to do another blog post before I start class next Tuesday telling you of all my adventures this coming week! ๐Ÿ™‚

PS. Sorry for any grammatical errors, I am exhausted and did not proofread this yet ๐Ÿ˜› Please forgive me!

Out and About

Well it has been almost a week since I have done a post, I have been able to see more and more of Vienna with each day here and my daily routine has started to become somewhat normal finally. First I must share what I did with my Valentine’s day last Friday! During the day I was walking around Vienna with friends, we found this beautiful cathedral called Karlskirche and decided to go in to see it. BEST IDEA EVER. It was absolutely stunning and then to add to it all you could take an elevator plus some stairs to the very tip-top on the dome inside. The stairs were set up like the ones used in construction and I discovered that I have a slight fear of heights when I am on stairs. Below are the pictures I took of the church.

After the church we explored the famous Naschmarkt which was full of amazing produce and had tons of adorable little restaurants throughout it. We ate at a restaurant called Neni’s and it was amazing! I had Bollitos (lamb and beef meatballs) along with tomato sauce and some wonderful pita bread. Then I went home and went to bed and that was my Valentine’s day. ๐Ÿ™‚ Not too thrilling, but I thought it was wonderful! On Saturday I had another day trip with my orientation group. We took a bus to Linz, Austria and had a city tour, went to lunch at a really cool restaurant (they had swinging chairs), and at the end of the day we had a tour of a tech museum. Shout out to Team USA on an amazing hockey game that day!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I had my cousin sending me messages with updates since I was at the museum at the time. This coming Friday we are having a Canada vs. USA hockey party and I have a feeling it will be intense. (I have a lot of Canadian friends) Here are my pictures from the city tour and the last photos are from the tech museum of the machine they had that was making tornadoes.

IMG_5369 IMG_5367 IMG_5361 IMG_5359IMG_5396IMG_5395IMG_5389IMG_5400

Sunday was just a lazy day which was most definitely needed. I watched a sermon on Sunday and I loved the message it gave, Jesus + Nothing = Everything. On Monday my orientation group went to the Belvedere which is a beautiful building full of artwork. After our tour of that we got a tour of the Opera House and I was in my happy place. I cannot begin to describe my excitement for when I will get to see a ballet and an opera. Here are my photos from the Opera House:

IMG_5408 IMG_5411 IMG_5418 IMG_5419 IMG_5427

I had another chill day on Tuesday, the main thing I did was go out in the evening with a group of my friends. Wednesday (so yesterday) consisted of a tour of Austria’s Parliament building that had a tone of Greek in the architecture and I also had to wash some clothes by hand since I have yet to get my laundry card ๐Ÿ˜› (oops). The photos from the Parliament tour are below.

IMG_5434 IMG_5475 IMG_5472 IMG_5465 IMG_5454 IMG_5438

I also watched The Lorax last night while doing my laundry and I just want to share the famous Dr. Seuss quote: “Unless someone like YOU cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

The City of Vienna

I haven’t done a post in a few days so this one might get long, a lot has happened!! Monday was busy with getting to know the areas around my apartment and going into the inner city of Vienna. I am extremely lucky and live right next to a train station and I would even consider it a mall with the amount of shops in there, so anything I could need is pretty much 20 feet from me. I also got my student ID card finally on Monday and my semester subway ticket so it’s starting to feel more like a home than vacation. Monday night was spent going out with friends which was also a good time! ๐Ÿ™‚ Now onto Tuesday…. My orientation group had a city tour that allowed me to learn a lot of the towns history. I have some nice photos of the inner city of Vienna that I posted below!


Below are different museum/government buildings or the grounds that surround them. There are too many to name them all but as I go visit the museums these will get sorted out.

IMG_2518 IMG_5229editIMG_2517 IMG_2522ย ย  ย ย ย ย  IMG_5225edit

I also was able to try some on the tradition cakes of Austria! ๐Ÿ™‚ pictured below is Esterhazytorte (almond sponge cake filled with cream), it was super good! I also tried the traditional Sachertorte (chocolate cake with almond jam) but I didn’t get a picture of that one.

IMG_2531There was more amazing food on Tuesday night! My University has a program where they pair the exchange students up with other students at the school (a “buddy”) and my buddy actually runs a restaurant called Viereck in Vienna. He had me come along with him and his friends for supper and it was AMAZING. First, the menu is a tablet and you just look through the menu on that and order from there and the servers will bring it when it is ready. To order different courses you just put time in between you ordering the 1st course and the 2nd. I had a pasta with truffle cream sauce that was the best pasta I have ever had! My buddy ordered what is pictured below; he let me try it and that was also one of the best things I have ever tried. (I am going to take my family here when they visit) Also here is the link to their Facebook page and you can find their website from there.

1654282_633055863397217_2053781521_nWednesday was my lazy day, I had nothing to do so I just worked on planning some trips with my friends and stayed in (we booked a Hostel for Innsbruck in March). I also finally was able to go to bed early Wednesday night! Now onto Thursday, two of my friends and I decided to go to Stephansdom (the most famous cathedral in Vienna) and we climbed the South tower, all 343 stairs, which was my workout for the next two weeks! ๐Ÿ˜› We also toured the Catacombs but were not allowed to take pictures on that tour. Below is a gallery of all the photos I took at the Cathedral.

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After Stephansdom we went to the Kunsthistorisches Museum that was huge and had tons of beautiful pieces. This museum is one of the “Twin” museums in Vienna (there is an identical building across from it). The ceilings and the overall architecture of the building were breathtaking.

IMG_5312 IMG_5336 IMG_5320 IMG_5330IMG_5328 IMG_5317 IMG_5332ย ย  MuseumCollageIMG_5333

Well now I am getting ready to go out with some friends, but to end this post I am going to add a link to a crazy, ridiculous, and awesome video!

But the main point of this is that I want my mother and grandmothers not to worry about me over here, because I can promise that I am not doing anything this crazy while I am here! ๐Ÿ™‚

Chocolate and Mountains

The title of this post about sums up the amazing experiences that I have had in the last two days but not quite the entirety of it all! First off, I had my schools orientation program start on Friday. I was nervous (I hate ice breakers) but it ended up being a lot of fun and I met quite a few new people. ๐Ÿ™‚ After the orientation at our school that looks like it comes out of a science fiction movie (not kidding, if you want to see it go to my “About” page and click on the link), we, the exchange students, went out to eat at a restaurant where I had the most fabulous lasagna that was made of spinach and sheep’s’ cheese! Then I went back to my flat, which needs to have its photos taken of still, and attempted to go to bed early in order to adjust to the time schedule. As you can tell by the time of this post I still have yet to adjust but I have five months for that! Now onto the chocolate and the mountains. ๐Ÿ™‚

We started our day in the town Graz, which was in a valley, and the drive was absolutely beautiful (I was lucky enough to sit in the very front on the top floor so I had an amazing view) The pictures below are from our tour of the town.


This Church was absolutely gorgeous! I was in love with the chandeliers and all of the intricate details on every single structure inside. The outside of the church was really simple so it was like a hidden gem!


Below is a bridge that we walked across! It had a netting that one could climb through on the inside (kind of like a net you would find at a playground) and there was also space for people to eat during the summer (I think they might even have some food service there during the summer!).


Next, we went to the chocolate factory, Zotter, which was really awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€ We were able to try as many chocolates as possible (so until we got sick pretty much!) and since I was so busy eating chocolate I didn’t take many photos but here are the ones I did! The last photo shows some of the chocolates that they had available in the store. Oh! – Another fun fact is that one of the buildings used to be a cow barn ๐Ÿ˜›


So my mom bought me these cards from Urban Outfitters and I just wanted to make sure she knew that I am doing them and also, I am writing on each card the details of what I did for that card! This card goes to Brenda Anderson and her fight with breast cancer. She is an amazing and strong woman.


Last note for this blog, I bought an Orchid today and it is super pretty! I love it and it makes my room feel so much better! Now let’s hope I just don’t kill it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Time for me to go to bed and get on this time schedule!


7 Miles

I made it to Vienna safe and sound! ๐Ÿ™‚ My flights went well, a little stressful and not much sleep, but yet it was well! Wednesday consisted of my buddy (very graciously) picking me up from the airport, showing me the University (which looked like it came out of a movie, introducing me to his friends, and then helping move me into my apartment. The rest of my evening I worked on unpacking everything and tried to make my new flat look more homey. There are no pictures of my apartment yet, I need some more artwork on the walls first. ๐Ÿ™‚ Now onto Thursday….a lot happened! I met with two friends to go around Vienna, get registered, pay my months rent, finally get some groceries, and to end our day out we went to a Viennese restaurant for supper. One exciting thing happened at supper, a lady randomly walked in a threw a beer on someone then continued to yell at a man in German, we learned that it was something about an affair (which is terrible and sad, but was a weird part of the day!).



The photos above show the Rathaus (City Hall). As you can see there is currently an ice rink in front of it that was super awesome and had these trails that went around a park that is also right next to the Rathaus! My friends and I are hoping we can make it there sometime, it is actually open until March so odds are we will get there one of these days!

IMG_5136 IMG_5134

A beautiful church we stumbled upon. I would like to check it out one of these Sundays and hopefully am able to hear a choir there! The best part about today is that my friends and I ended up walking over 7 miles around the city! (and yet I am still up wide awake, even though I have to get up in five hours..still adjusting to the time.) Well I suppose I need to attempt to sleep now, tomorrow is the start of the orientation WU offers to their exchange students. Gute Nacht!